DCP-KDM, Digital Cinema Package Key Delivery Message

A Digital Cinema Package (DCP) contains high quality audio-visual files in the Material Exchange Format (MXF). The preferred format for picture is SMPTE (JPEG 2000). Audio is usually supplied as a 24-bit linear PCM multichannel WAV file. Encryption with 128-bit AES-CBC is optional.

When the Digital Cinema Package is encrypted the ability to playback files is controlled by a separate Key Delivery Message (KDM). The KDM is in XML format and contains the decryption keys for a specific projector or device including the period of validity. This ensures that the media cannot be used at another location or outside the agreed performance dates.

Software used for DCP and KDM creation includes: AutoDCP, CineAsset, Cinemaslides, CuteDCP, DCP-o-matic, Dolby SCC2000, DVS Clipster, easyDCP Creator, OpenDCP, and QubeMaster.